Why A “Read Me Pitch” Is More Important Than A Slide Deck

If you search for “how to pitch investors” on Google or Amazon, you’ll likely find tons of information about building slide decks and what content to include on each slide. But the slide deck actually isn’t that important relative to the “Read Me Pitch,” or an investment summary.

An investment summary is similar to an executive summary, but it’s designed specifically for investors who might be interested in your company. You can think of the investment summary as a distilled business plan. It’s a marketing tool that will improve your fundraising success rate. It’s the pieces of your business plan that investors care about the most, in the order that makes sense to them, and in a format that’s very easy for them to scan and understand quickly.

The purpose of your investment summary (Read Me Pitch) is to have enough detail that it can stand alone, meaning that it can be read by an investor and you don’t physically need to be there to provide supporting details. In contrast, your slide deck (Listen to Me Pitch) should have much less detail, as it’s designed to support your verbal presentation to investors.

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